Gail Henderson has been loving neighbors for over 25 years, when she began with simple acts of kindness and prayer and low-key Christmas pageants on her front lawn. Four neighborhoods later, her creative ideas have been launched on national tv and radio spots, seminars, books, tea periodicals and outreach newsletters.

Gail's created resources include gorgeous inspirational tea calendars, with monthly columns for neighborhood hospitality, thanks to her good friend and photographer Martha DeWeese. Together with their husbands they have traveled the globe and have pioneered creative friendship events such as Inspirational Fashion Show Teas which spotlight volunteerism or women in ministry, international themed teas, and the latest-- Love Your Neighborhood Connect, a friendship club where women meet their neighbors and encourage each other over a cup of tea.

We wish to thank authors John R. West and Albert Crawford for permission to use
the domain name Love Your Neighborhood.

Thanks also to Martha DeWeese, who has volunteered her photographic and design skills
to develop so many resources.

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