Every neighborhood is unique, so it is important to get God's plan for blessing your neighbors. The ideas below have worked in many neighborhoods, one-on-one and groups. You can find resources to help you on the Resources page.

Acts of Kindness
Newcomer's gifts, encouraging notes, helping neighbors
with chores, etc.

Prayer Walking
Keep it simple, blessing homes and praying for an opportunity
to meet neighbors or enrich friendships.
(Love Your Neighbor as Yourself)

Hopitality & Gentle Outreaches
  • Driveway Party/Block Party (Calendar)
  • Tea Tasting Party - include international neighbors
    (International Tea booklets/invites)
  • Christmas Tea
    (Christmas Tea booklets/invites/video)
  • Christmas Tree Stroll
    (2005 Calendar)
  • Christmas Pageant in your Front Yard
    (CD-script & Tips)
  • Valentine/Bridal shower/Mother's Day Teas
    (Heart for Tea, Tea Time booklets/invites & calendar)
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Bible Study
  • Organized Games - one side of the street plays
    the other
  • Super Bowl Party
  • Neighborhood Directory (LYNAY book)
  • Neighborhood Watch Party
  • Yard Sale

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